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any of our four locations for pricing and delivery / pickup options.

  •  Volume Purchase Discounts: 5% discount 10-19 cubic yards; 10% discount 20-49 cubic yards; 15% discount 50-99 cubic yards; 20% discount 100 + cubic yards.
  • 5% discount offered to US Veterans & Senior (min 65) Citizens.
  • 15% discount for Schools and Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Quantity Discounts are cumulative (calendar year) for all products purchased.
  • Once a discount level is reached, discount remains through calendar year.        

Eligible customers will receive the greatest single qualifying savings discount.  Discounts are set at the discretion of Asheville Mulch Yard and are subject to change without notice.


Primary Landscape Mulches    

General Purpose Hardwood (GPH)

              • Double-ground (coarser) bark mulch primarily consisting of native Poplar
              • Light brown to black
              • Good for first time coverage on any application and to build a base layer
              • Especially good for erosion control on slopes due to its fibrous texture              

 Double Ground Hardwood (DGH)

              • A fine double ground hardwood bark mulch (primarily Poplar)
              • Medium to dark brown-black
              • Good for top dressing General Purpose Hardwood base to create a more uniform texture                   

 Double Ground Oak (DGO)

              • A Red and White Oak bark blend                            
              • Amber to dark brown in color  
              • Best all around hardwood bark mulch for top-dressing with maximum color retention                                                                 


 Premium Red Oak (PRO)

              • A very fine ground hardwood bark mulch
              • Medium to dark brown - amber
              • Good for working in areas with perennials, herbs and small plantings

General Purpose Pine/Hardwood Mix (PHM)

              • A coarser double ground bark mulch consisting of mainly  Pine and some Hardwood
              • Light brown to medium auburn
              • Good for first time coverage on slopes and wooded areas

General Purpose Pine (GPP)

            • Double-Ground bark mulch consisting of white pine bark   
            • Brownish-blond to medium brown
            • Good for base layer in areas containing native ornamental shrubs such as rhododendron and mountain laurels  

Double Ground Pine (DGP)

              • Double-Ground bark mulch that is finer in texture than our General Purpose Pine Mix and consists primarily of Loblolly, Virginia, Yellow, Slash and Black Pine
              • Medium auburn brown
              • Good complementary dressing on base layer of mulch    


Conditioners - Compost - Soils

AMY's Enriched Topsoil (AET)

              • A blend of our "signature" AMY's Planting Mix, screened topsoil and loamy soil
              • Double screened and blended for a finished enriched product                            
              • Primary application is for gardens, raised beds and direct planting of trees and shrubs where there is no existing suitable soil 

AMY's Planting Mix (APM)
              • Optimum blend of Pine Soil Conditioner with Mushroom, Dairy and Leaf composts (
              • Good for potted plants, vegetable gardens, flower beds, lawns, trees and shrubs
              • Primary use is amending compacted or low nutrient soils           


AMY's Contractor Blend (ACB)

            • A mix of Screened Topsoil, Mushroom Compost and AMY's Eco Blend  
            • Multi-purpose blend good for amending large areas where tilling is available prior to planting 
            • Good soil amendment for laying sod

AMY's Eco Blend (AEB)

              • An aged combination of all our products, equally blended and screened with local food compost
              • Good for amending clay soils or top dressing lawns        


    AMY's Blended Compost (ABC)

              • A mix of local food compost, mushroom compost and a blended dairy compost
              • Balanced and fortified compost for all soils that need enriching
              • Good organic fertilizer for top dressing lawns

    Mushroom Compost (MC)

        • An organic, blended and aged mix of rich nutrients including poultry waste, peat moss, cottonseed meal and natural fertilizers
        • Good for enriching nutrient lacking soils

    Screened Topsoil (ST)
                • North Carolina screened soil 
                • Good (neutral ph) soil for ground leveling and general landscape applications

    Pine Fines (PF) 

                • Finely ground and screened bark mulch using a blend of North American pine species
                • Light to dark auburn color
                • Excellent pine soil conditioner over time  

    Specialty Mulches

    Hardwood Chips (HC)

                • Hardwood squares derived from the production of lumber
                • Consists of Oak hardwood which breaks down slowly and has minimal water retention
                • Good for creating pathways, dog walks and a base for playground areas


                • Certified playground material consisting primarily of native hardwood.
                • Good for top dressing to create safer play areas

    Cypress (CYP) 
                • Double Ground mulch consisting of native Cypress
                • Blonde to light brown
                • Good for longevity and insect deterrence
                • Good for multiple (play areas/dog runs) landscape uses 

    Cedar (CED)

                • Double ground mulch consisting primarily of Red Cedar
                • Blonde to reddish brown
                • Good mulch for house foundation, insect deterrent and can last up to 1.5 to 2 times longer than pine/hardwood bark mulches
                • Multiple landscape uses and good top dressing for playgrounds and dog runs

    Mini Pine Bark Nuggets (MPBN)

                • Screened pine bark consisting primarily of different native pine species
                • Light brown to reddish brown
                • Good decorative mulch for patios, walkways and foundation borders